General Information on Kooikerhondje

Find general info on Kooiker's below


These beautiful dogs are small orange-red spaniel hunting dog. Kooiker’s have a small head, narrow muzzle and drop ears. These dogs are generally 15 to 17 inches in height and 20 – 40 lbs. Kooiker’s have a  wavy long coat covers the whole body, with a tail that is generally well feathered that was originally used to lure ducks into duck traps by wagging them back and forth.



This  intelligent, affectionate ,and gentle dog is obedient and loyal, and loves to work for and to be with its master. Although they can be harder to train than the average dog.

The Kooikerhondje an ideal family companion – loyal and affectionate with those he knows but somewhat suspicious of strangers. Kooiker’s are not described as being aggressive but are extremely loyal to their master and is calm indoors but has boundless energy outdoors. The Kooikerhondje delight in life is to be outdoors all day and snuggle in with the family at night. He is a trustworthy companion for children young and old. He will alert his owner to visitors but is not known to bark a lot.


Kooiker’s are know to have good health but can gain weight easily so feeding them proper portions is a must. Their life span is 12 -14 years. Some hereditary diseases were prevalent in the past but due to good breeding standards today diseases like von Willebrands disease has been largely eradicated form their genealogy



Get ready to get outside! Kooikers have endless amounts of energy and should be regularly exercised outside as much as possible. Don’t worry you can’t over exercise a Kooiker (under normal circumstances)


The Kooikerhondje must be trained with positive methods and rewarded for appropriate behaviors. Kooikers are sensitive and responsive, when his energy is channelled into something he enjoys, he is able to learn fairly quickly and trains best when the trainer is highly involved.