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Health and fitness have become an extremely popular subject for mainstream media outlets, corporate industries and in the lives of ordinary people. There is an incredible amount of conflicting, ambiguous and downright incorrect information available across the internet and other sources. However, despite the confusion, there are still several general fitness guidelines that everyone should incorporate into their everyday habits.

Run Run Run!

Running is a highly effective form of conditioning and weight loss. Running regularly can strengthen your bones, reduce your chances of developing arthritis, increase your cardiovascular fitness and keep you looking toned and healthy. You can begin incorporating long or short distance runs into your fitness routine for practically no upfront cost, just make sure to get a good pair of running shoes.

Start Lifting Weights

Resistance training is often neglected by amateur athletes and burgeoning fitness enthusiasts. However, lifting weights in the gym or at home can have significant physical and psychological benefits. Resistance training initiates muscle growth, fat burn and has been known to combat the symptoms of depression. While running has its own benefits, increasing your muscle mass and resting metabolic rate can be better achieved through resistance training.

Use HIIT When You’re Short of Time

HIIT or high intensity interval training is growing in popularity due to its astonishing physical and mental health benefits. HIIT involves a short-term period of high intensity exercise (such as sprinting) alternated with low intensity exercise. High intensity interval training can be carried out on a bike, in the pool or while running. The fitness benefits that can be reaped just from a 20 minute HIIT session are considerable. Reduced muscle loss, hormone regulation and an increased resting caloric burn are just some of the advantages of HIIT.

Join A Local Sporting Team

If you have noticed that your fitness motivation ebbs during the week or in particularly stressful periods of time, you should consider joining a sports team in your vicinity. Incorporating a social aspect into your fitness routine and habits will take your mind off the rigors of physical exertion. Many sports are very effective workouts and can be a particularly enjoyable part of your fitness routine.

Make a Routine

The most important habit to adopt for amateur and veteran fitness enthusiasts alike is to create a structure and detailed routine. The physical act of planning your weekly workouts, gym sessions and sporting commitments is a powerful form of psychological reinforcement and will strengthen your motivation to lose weight and gain muscle.

Creating a balanced and holistic fitness plan will impact your life in a variety of positive ways. However, you should also treat your body with respect in other ways, for instance ensuring that you eat healthily, get enough sleep and stay hydrated. Remember not to over-train and seek medical attention as soon if you feel unusual levels of pain or exhaustion. Whether you’re beginning your journey into the world of fitness or getting back into shape, use the above guidelines to create a fitness plan that is tailor made for your goals and situation.

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