So  the pooches needed a little more light!

You have seen their house and it is spectacular but i couldn’t figure out why they just didn’t seem at home. I tried a lot of small things like putting different bedding in there and chew toys and a bunch of different things but nothing seemed to work.  Why wouldn’t these lovelies settle in this fantastic palace!?

So i decided to put a radio in there one day and they seemed to like it but it still wasn’t what they were looking for.  so what was left? Light! I had a small solar powered light that i would test my theory with before i got too carried away with this new project.  Well to our amazement the very first night they settled right in, slept like babies and no whining. Who knew they were afraid of the dark!

Gotta Step Up the Lighting

So we hired PDR Electrical Contracting to come out and wire up some lights for my babies. I am pretty sure they though I was nuts for wanting to wire an entire dog house, as a matter of fact they joked about it a bit (in a very good way) but they sketched out the entire plan right in front of me. It was really cool to see them work actually, they did the blueprint up with my input, revised it, then put it into action right away!

We went out and bought some light fixtures and dimmers and timers and had the whole project done in just over a day. I have to tell you the dogs just love it. You can tell they feel like it is really their home now, just like their humans in the bigger house.

Now of course they still want in the big humans house but we try our best to keep them out. My will power is not the greatest when it comes to these wonderful animals of course but honestly I love them more than most people out there anyway.

And I am not afraid to admit it!

Till next time